Titanium Rainbow Quartz ( Rainbow Aura )


Bonded with Titanium Oxide and Gold, Quartz transforms into Titanium Rainbow Quartz also known as Rainbow Aura Quartz. The vibrant colors reflected off the crystal are meant to illuminate all chakras and created an instant connection to source energy. Used to energize any transformation set in motion, Titanium Quartz can be used for healing the physical ailments, relationships, and any sort of limiting condition that may be spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. 

Keep Rainbow Titanium Crystal nearby to restore the balance of your energy or the energy of your home. If a lot of stress, anger, or sadness was experienced in a particular room, keep Titanium Rainbow Quartz in plain sight in this space to absorb the negative energy so that it is not reabsorbed. 

The rainbow crystal disperses energizing and harmonizing energy wherever it goes. It will attach to the highest available vibration within a person or space and raise it significantly. This leads to better moods, improved focused, positive attitude, healed illness, reduced physical and emotional pain, and resolution.

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