Spirit Quartz Cluster From South Africa


Once you have held one of these, I think you will never go without. Spirit Quartz can assist with lucid dreaming and astral travel when placed under your pillow. They are a good choice for home, work or group settings as they can inspire a cohesion, a sense of community and working together. If you practice clairvoyance or clairaudience, try working with this crystal to assist your efforts.

They are called “Spirit Quartz” or “Cactus Quartz” by the South African tribal medicine men who use them for healing rituals. Very nice cactus quartz crystal from a classic locality. 
These are so much fun to collect because of all the different hues and shapes.
These crystals are much sought after by both mineral collectors and the metaphysical community. 

Qty-1 Point / Color and shape will vary!!

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