Rose Quartz Crystal Egg


This rose quartz crystal egg showcases the beautifully polished hues of rose. Rose Quartz has a soft range of pink that warms the complexion and lifts a room. The color has been expertly brought to life by careful shaping into a wonderful Rose Quartz egg.

Your egg can be used in many ways, it has not been treated with any chemicals or dyes, the egg is totally 100% NATURAL GEMSTONE.

The egg symbolizes growth, protection, rebirth and new beginnings. It is the shapes of Angelic energy as the Egg shape confines and shapes energy so perfectly that egg shaped crystals can be used to detect and re-balance blockages in the body and are a perfect shape to use for meditation, also helping promote restful sleep. The egg shape makes a perfect massage tool and is useful in all massage, especially reflexology and acupressure massage. Eggs make excellent hand comforters to use in times of stress. Egg shaped crystals can also be used to scan the auric field of the body.

Price is for 1 egg.

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