Rhodochrosite Humming Birds On Angelite Flower and Quartz Base

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Hummingbird, joyful little sister, nectar you crave. All of the sweetnees of the flowers, is the love you gave 💕

If you associate the hummingbird as your animal tarot, the song of hummingbird awakens the medicine flowers. They sing a vibration of pure joy. It is said that hummingbirds conjure love as no other medicine does, and its feather opens the heart. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life!💞

These stunning rhondocrosite hummingbirds were custom made with a detachable bird from the rose. The rose is handcarved and made with angelite from Peru , and on quartz base with pyrite or tourmaline infusions.


Heigh: 4 Inches

100% Crystals. Comes on a standing base. 

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