purple pink amethyst point
Pink Amethyst Obelisk Points-Amethyst Goddess-4 inches-Amethyst Goddess

Pink Amethyst Obelisk Points

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Shop a variety of Pink Amethyst obelisk points polished and mined in Brazil. has meaning and properties that fill your heart with love.

Captivating pink rose amethyst obelisk with a beautiful, loving energy that will fill your heart with joy. This is a special crystal beautiful druzy and coloring of soft pinks, lavender and hints of white. 

 Crystal has been charged under the Full Moon and Cleansed with soothing intensions.

 High quality, consciously hand selected from ethical source.

*Color appearance may vary by piece and screen resolution.*


Choose multiple options below. Each option varies in sizes and color, you will receive the exact one you see in the options below. 



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