Large Aura Rose Quartz Sphere


The elegance and radiance of our Aura Rose Quartz Sphere are unmatched. The crystal has a soft pink sheen of rose quartz but the infusion of metals creates an iridescent reflection.  Perfectly feminine and regal, this sphere is best supported by a gold or silver sphere holder. But this isn’t just decor for any room. Working with the Aura Rose Quartz is a beautiful way to soften your energy, tap into your creative side, and open up your heart to new possibilities while releasing anything that holds you back.

This angelic crystal carries a healing frequency and is best used when meditating or praying. Simply cup the sphere in your hands and hold it at your heart chakra while setting intentions to release and renew your energy and spirit.

Aura Rose Quartz Sphere Benefits :

  • Transform old, dull energy
  • Inspire creativity
  • Invite new or restore love
  • Heal the heart chakra
  • Balance feminine and masculine energies
  • Aura balance for unconditional love
Diameter: 4"

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