Lapis Lazuli Points-Points-Amethyst Goddess-330 grams-Amethyst Goddess

Lapis Lazuli Points

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The Lapis lazuli point meaning connects with the third eye chakra to release tension, and expand the mind. Meditating with a lapis lazuli point directs the energy of authenticity into the spirit so that you can stop forming stories, and get real with yourself. The lessons you learn with lapis lazuli points help you to acquaint yourself with the complexities of yourself and others. This enables you to communicate your thoughts and feelings from a place of honesty, compassion, and understanding.

Holding a lapis lazuli point while journaling is another way to work with the energy of this stone to reach new conclusions. This practice will open your eyes to perspectives they were previously blind to. It’s no wonder that lapis lazuli has long been thought of as a stone of wisdom. By tempering your emotions, it guides you to understand situations from a more objective point of view. In the same way, expressing yourself once you’ve worked with the energy of lapis lazuli becomes easier. Because your emotions are calm and understanding, you are able communicate in a way that is less confrontational, and more authentic to you. If you’re ready to evolve as a person, and move further along your spiritual path, a lapis lazuli point will point you in the right direction.


You will receive one lapis lazuli point.100% ethically sourced from Pakistan .

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