Galena Crystal from Morocco 1"- 2"


These stunning Galena Crystal from Morocco are absolutely beautiful! Galena acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest, darkest regions of our shadow self. It encourages temperance, tolerance and peace as we learn to embrace the aspects of ourselves we have long feared. It’s an amazing Crystal that I tend to use to release stored memories that do NOT suit me for my highest good and for those I help. When you hold this Crystal you can actually feel it’s energy. One of our favorite crystals!

This crystal is very heavy and great for crystal for GROUNDING!!

Natural gemstones will vary in tone, shape and pattern

*Picture is example only. Excellent quality each stone will vary in size, they range from 1" -2" 

Price is for one piece. You will receive the Galena crystal  intuitively picked for you of the most powerful- Positive healing energy.

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