Floruite Guardian Angel Carvings For Protection And Good Energy


The flourite guardian angel carvings are precious figurines that bring peace to any room. These pocket angels are beneficial to carry around in stressful situations where you need a little more guidance and peace. 

Angel Carvings are also very popular in Reiki Treatments and are said to have  Reiki healing benefits and properties that aid wellbeing and can be combined with healing stones jewelry, It is believed to support the stabilizing of mood swings, purification of the blood and kidneys, keep it in places where peace and serenity are needed including in your pocket.

Please allow for slight variations in size, shape, and color as this is a hand-carved natural product.

Uses For Floruite Pocket Angel:
1: Carry your own Guardian Angel around with you in your pocket or handbag.
2:Give as a gorgeous gift to a loved one.
3: Place in your car to help guide & protect on journeys.
4:Place in a child's room to make them feel safe & secure knowing that their Angel is close by.
5:Hold in your palm and caress for stress reduction.
6:Display on your desk or countertop as a lovely angel ornament or lucky charm.

Price is for 1 Floruite Guardian Angel Figuirine *

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