Dumortierite Hummingbirds

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Beautiful dumortierite hummingbirds custom carved exclusively for Amethyst Goddess. Each hummingbird is carefully sculpted and given gold accents on the beak and claws.  The beak is inserted into the rose carved out of various crystals and serperine leaves,. The details of this sculpture are immaculate and radiate true beauty where ever it is!

The bases are all uniquely are cut from quartz with various inclusions of pyrite or various minerals. Each base and flower will vary from different minerals from mangano calcite to selenite. Each bird will vary in color or base mineral inclusions.

If you associate the hummingbird as your animal tarot, the song of hummingbird awakens the medicine flowers. They sing a vibration of pure joy. It is said that hummingbirds conjure love as no other medicine does, and its feather opens the heart. Without an open and loving heart, you can never taste the necta and pure bliss of life.


Each bird varies slightly in size and color and weight.

Height: 7 inches

Width 3 inches

Length: inches

Weight: Approx 1.1 -1,3 lbs

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