Large Druzy Chrysocolla /Malachite/Quartz/ Gem Silica Sphere - 2.56 Lbs

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Have the whole world in your hands with gorgeous powerhouse Druzy ChrysoQuartz sphere, This Chrysocolla grows with malachite, smoky quartz, and shattuckite – a collection of intensely healing stones with unparalleled energetic vibrations. You won’t find anything like it in the gem or mineral kingdom, which is the reason I bought as much as I could from Peru.

This is a  wonderful stone associated with the empowerment of feminine energies, especially if you associate yourself with Goddess energy.  This is a stone that will be a powerful healer of the heart and activator for the higher heart chakra. Meditating with this tranquil and sustaining stone to assist you in any life changes. She will enhance your personal power and inspire creativity, and how to leave anything that no longer serves you. 

 Keep it near your workspace or with you when you interact with others, as it will help summon the courage necessary to express yourself freely and will allow you to communicate what you need to with enthusiasm, wisdom, and force of spirit. Meditate with it in your hands or place it on your Throat Chakra to not only remind you of your intimate connection to our planet but also to help channel its timeless wisdom whenever you may need it.

Chrysocolla is one of the most beautiful and colorful combinations of lovely blues and greens. These hand-cut/polished spheres are from Peru. It illuminates such powerful energy.

It has been carved with care and precision. his very rare and unique sphere offers extremely high-quality crystal clear quartz windows that allow you to see directly into lear quartz inclusions make this a very unique piece. Definitely a show shopper piece.

You will receive the exact piece

Weight: 2.56 Lbs

Origin: Peru 

Diameter: 3.82"

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