7.6" Agate Geode Carved Crystal Horse Head Sculpture


Restore balance and stabilize the energy in any room you keep the Agate Geode Crystal Horse Head. Hand-crafted and divinely energized, it doesn’t take more than a touch or glance to experience the peace-inducing grounding effects of this stunning Agate Sculpture.

Mystical with a raw feel, the Crystal Horse Head has the original texture of the Agate Geode from which it’s carved, gracefully intertwined with the smooth and precise edges that create its distinctive features.

Resonating primarily with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, this compelling work of art evokes the courage to speak one’s beliefs, express meaningful ideas, connect with your internal wisdom, and harness powerful connections between your inner and outer world. While the symbol of the horse is indicative of freedom, the willingness and strength to explore the unknown, and creates opportunities to unapologetically rise above mental, physical, and spiritual limitations.

Size: 7.67"x5.51"x2.36" inch

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