Citrine Crystal Cathedral From Brazil ( 21. LB)


Brighten your home and attract abundance only felt with a Citrine Geode Cathedral. Aligned with the Solar Plexus chakra, a Citrine Cathedral exudes the limitless potential to dream of greatness and receive even more than imaginable. Citrine will open every avenue of possibility.

Citrine is formed when Amethyst is heated. The means of heat can be natural or created. This energizes the already high vibrations of the transformative Amethyst crystal.

Citrine stimulates self-confidence, power, awareness, and will elevate everything you think or feel about your current circumstance. The energy from a Citrine Catherdral penetrates all self-doubt until you are accessing the greatest version of yourself. Citrine attracts wealth and material stability. It can transform limiting beliefs and vibration that can cause one to self-sabotage success and prevent you from repelling your own destiny.

Use the energy of the  BRAZILIAN CITRINE CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL GEODE when applying for a job, promotion, raise, need inspiration, creativity, prosperity, material gain, improve digestion, and to tap into youthful energy.


Weight: 21.34lb(9.7kg)

45 cm

Height: 180 cm

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