5.5“ Blue Aragonite Tower

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Blue Aragonite is crystal that emits a comforting energy. It will help you achieve optimistic and joyful vibrations even in the toughest of situations.

Blue is symbolical of the throat chakra. Having an active and healthy throat chakra helps you communicate your highest truths within you and do it from a level headed place instead of out of fear, rejection, anger, etc. It's so important to express your emotions and thoughts but it can be hard to speak up at all sometimes and even more difficult to do it from a place of love when it may be causing you pain. Aragonite helps teach empathy and boosts your ability to empathize with others making loving truthful transmission easier.

Use this Aragonite tower to help guide you to expressing your truths and emotions from a space of divine consciousness. This tower is gorgeous creamy blues with small touches of white and brown.

5.5“ Tall

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