3" Amethyst and Agate Elephant-Amethyst Goddess-Amethyst Goddess

3" Amethyst and Agate Elephant

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Weight: 538 grams

If you resonate as the matriarch or care giver for your family and friends, and need strength to make it through, then the elephant medicine may resonate with you. We integrated the power of the amethyst crystal and the wisdom of the elephant to help remind you how to nourish the mind, body, and spirit, so you are strong during trying times. You can use these amethyst elephants to help deliver a a message on how to strengthen your family unit. Have you lost intimacy with those in your home? Have you been lax in keeping in touch with family? If you’re being called those the baby elephants, then it may be time to reflect on your commitment to family. All amethyst self stand on their own,

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