10.6 lb Natural XL Botryoidal Chrysocolla and Malachite Specimen From Congo

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Absolutely stunning specimen with beautiful form and wonderful rich blue colours! 
atural specimens are not as commonly available as polished items, but the supply is highly variable. Price is grade dependant. Items are as shown.

Locality = Kulukuluku, Congo
Grade = Very Good Grade
Size = 292 x 187 x 111 mm | 11.5 x 7.4 x 4.4 inch
Weight = |

Product Type = Decor item

Nett Weight = 4.81 kg *

Currently 1 in stock.

Please Note: The product title specifies the exact number of pieces included for the listed product price e.g. x 12, x 1, x 35 etc. The vast majority of our products are individually graded batches or single pieces which are priced accordingly. Therefore, if we state “Currently 1 in stock” this means we have 1 batch and/or 1 piece available as per the number of pieces indicated in the product title.

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