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Rose Quartz Properties 

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a rosy pink variety of Quartz. Its appearance and essence are soft and unassuming but instantaneously welcoming and embracing. The blush pink color results from trace amounts of manganese, titanium, or iron. Rose Quartz is a common crystal and found abundantly all over the world and has been developing in the hydrothermal veins of volcanoes long before humans existed.

Current primary sources of Rose Quartz come from deposits found in Madagascar, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and in the state of South Dakota.

Like other Quartz, Rose Quartz properties include a glassy luster, maintains a conchoidal fracture and is part of the hexagonal crystal system. Rose Quartz is often tumbled to reflect a smooth, polished stone, carved into semi-precious gemstones and small statues especially hearts, and can be enjoyed in its raw form. Some rose quartz contain microscopic rutile needles that result in star-shaped figures when transmitting light. Rose Quartz can be found in the following forms: 

  • Jewelry
  • Pendants
  • Wands & Points
  • Crystal Eggs
  • Tumbled Stones
  • Coaster
  • Crystal Tree
  • Stone Pipes

The History of Rose Quartz 

As with most crystals, the use of Rose Quartz can be traced back to 7000 BC in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and has since held an important place in the hearts and minds of civilizations across the globe.

Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians considered Rose Quartz one of the most power-inducing talismans and also considered it an anti-aging stone--not unlike rose quartz rollers used today in modern beauty routines.

In Tibetan, Chinese, and Indian cultures, Rose Quartz is used to restore peace, Feng Shui, and attract unconditional love through the balancing of chakras.

In the Middle Ages, medical practitioners began to use Rose Quartz in their healing potions. People near and far would pay a pretty penny to soothe their emotional well-being with these crystal-infused elixirs.

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What is the Purpose of Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is going to draw you into your heart space. It’s going to remind you of all the things you love and all the loveable aspects of yourself. It is the perfect crystal to restore and rejuvenate positive emotions and is a necessary and principal component of any crystal collection.

How To Use Rose Quartz

To take full advantage of the physical and emotional benefits of the love stone, here are effective and meaningful suggestions on how to use Rose Quartz. Using Rose Quartz requires four essential steps:

Set an intention
Create the environment
Use Rose Quartz mantras
Remain open to the limitless potential of the crystal to work in and through you  

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For Emotional Health & Well-Being

When your Rose Quartz is charged, the intention behind it is set and you can carry it with you on the go, keep in your purse, pocket, or in emergency cases your bra. You can use it during prayers or meditation and when balancing your chakras by placing it over your heart. For around the clock benefits, opt for Rose Quartz jewellery to wear.

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Attract Unconditional Love 

A small altar can be an empowering tool for attracting all kinds of love--self-love, romantic love, familial love, or platonic love. An altar could be its own place in your meditation room, the corner of your desk, or just on your nightstand. Place your Rose Quartz along with any other charged quartz you may have along with a candle or meaningful picture, quote, or even your written intentions to attract love. Include whatever puts you in vibrational alignment with the feeling of love you wish to attract more of.

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Healing Bath 

To treat physical and emotional ailments simultaneously, create a healing bath using epsom salt, essential oils, and Rose Quartz. Set an intention to relax and release whatever emotional and physical pain you wish to let go of.  

Rose Quartz Benefits 

  • Helps Clear Lungs
  • Improves Deep Breathing
  • Loosens Nasal Congestion
  • Helps alieve physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety
  • Releases Emotional Trauma
  • Deepen connection to environment and people
  • Embrace Vulnerability
  • Enrich love life
  • Tap into divine feminine energy
  • Gain emotional maturity and awareness
  • Enjoy emotional commitments
  • Unlock creativity
  • Dissolve anger and resentment
  • Promote inner peace

Rose Quartz For Relationships

Rose Quartz is a commonly gifted crystal because of its feminine beauty and intrinsically sweet nature. Rose Quartz can do something other crystals aren’t intended for and that is to bond and create harmony and depth between romantic partners, lovers, soulmates, and twin flames. 

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Rose Quartz Healing Properties 

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  •  Color: purple, deep purple, light lilac 
  • Hardness: 7 Mosh scale 
  • Spirituality: protection, awareness, spirit guide, negative energy, cleansing 
  • Emotions: calmness, clarity, common sense, self-worth, responsibility,  
  • Mental: enhances psychic abilities, nightmares, anxiety, stress relief, focus 
  • Physical: prevents drunkenness, overcomes addictions, strengthens organs, relieves pain 
  • Rarity: Common
  • Mineralogy: semi-precious crystal
  • Chakras:Third Eye ,Crown
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Rose Quartz Mantras 

Rose Quartz carries its own natural healing vibrations, but just like the heat from fire can be harnessed, so too can you use the energy of Rose Quartz in ways you wish to direct it. These little assignments can come in the form of mantras. You can use one or you can use many, but all are positive heart chakra inspired affirmations and along with your crystal, have the power to rewrite your subconscious mind in a way that will attract to you and illuminate from you, pure and unconditional love. Call upon your Rose Quartz mantras anytime you need them. Call upon your Rose Quartz mantras anytime you need them. 

third eye meditation
  • I Am love
  • It is safe to love
  • It is safe to be loved
  • I Am Loved
  • I align my consciousness with the source of all life.
  • I am the source of truth and love in my life
  • I open my imagination to see the best in people and things. Also see the best in myself.
  • I open myself to new energy, new people, places and experiences.