About Our Journey

Amethyst Goddess was born from the love of all things crystals and positive transformations.

Most of my early adulthood was full of anxiety, and detachment from my personal power.

I always felt like life was happening to me,never for me. I didn't know what else to do but to travel take a solo trip to Costa Rica to discover myself. It eventually led me received my first reiki treatment, where I was introduced to the power of crystals to help balance my energy centers(chakras).

How Amethyst Helped Me Become My Best Self

I accepted this energy healing work of Reiki, and the practitioner placed a series of stones along my chakras, a string of seven linear energy portals. The vibrations and healing properties of crystals, she explained to me, was to help cleanse the chakras of lingering negative energy and right both body and mind again.I will never forget the sensation that had taken place when she placed a piece of amethyst right above my crown. I remember, my head feeling so light, I had space in my mind that I never felt. A sense of pure relaxation that took over my mind. It was a complete lightness and connection with the divine I never experienced.

The experience was trans formative. I was able to move some of the stuck energy that was there. I remember that weight that was once on my head, lifted with a real focus on the my crown chakra, using that amethyst stone. In case you are not aware, the crown chakra is your personal connection to the divine. When you open your crown chakra, you connect with your highest, best self.

It was the first time I felt clarity, I remember feeling so attracted to that stone after our session, when I returned home I stocked up on my first crystals, which of course where amethyst.

My new sense of clarity led me into a new journey of spiritual work. I became a certified reiki practitioner and just have alove for my new sense of calmness and control I have over my life. My love and passion for crystals has grown as well. I include my crystals in all my spiritual work. at the time of my treatment to help meat the time. Whenever I find myself out of alignment, I always go inward to recognize what needs to be fixed and use the power of my healing crystals to help amplify that. Remember that crystals only amplify the leaving work, never solve the issue alone. Everything you want is within you. Once you surrender for the help, all the guidance from the Universe will come to you.

How To Choose Your Crystal

I always tell my friends, customers and clients, whenever choosing for a healing crystal, take a look around and see what you're attracted to. Go with the crystal that catches your eye, because the crystal chooses you and not the other way around – That’s the magic of healing gemstones. Whatever is going on in your life, you’ll be draw to the perfect crystal that you need in that particular moment. Trust in the power of using healing crystals and get ready to fall in sync with the powerful vibrations of the earth and its intuitive wisdom.

How Healing Crystals Can Help You

You're journey may not be similar as mine, but maybe other areas of your body may feel out of tune and sync. That's why our intention is to give you everything you need to create positive shifts in your energy and life. The ones you are attracted to may be crystal you which has the energetic properties you need in your life right now.are. Our team of crystal experts can also guide you to select the right crystal for your needs, and implement it into daily practices for breakthroughs. Just by committing to that investment in your well being, you’re taking the first step on a path toward transformation. A crystal is a tool that you can use to craft the best life for yourself, from the inside out. Learn how to use crystals as your touchstones to empower a healthier mind, body and spirit. What energy will you align with today? Make sure its a positive one with the help of your crystal ally. If you need help in selecting the best crystal for you, please send us an email: info@amethystgoddess.com to get you started!