Sodalite Cockatoo


Hand Sodalite Cockatoo SculptureThis handmade cockatoo has been carved from hard sodalite. Please refer to the photos below to visually appreciate the beauty of this cockatoo 

Please keep in mind that each bird sculpture is unique. The bird you see in the images is the same you will receive in the mail.

Our artisans draw their inspiration from the feathered fauna of the Amazon rain forest. The first step in the sculpting process is to select the appropriate combination of rocks. This combination gives each bird its beautiful colors. The rocks are cut and glued together; up to this point the bird is still unrecognizable. The next step is to sculpt the rough rocks into the desired shape. Following the sculpting step, tail, crest, claws, and beak are attached. The next step involves sculpting feather detail on the body and tail. The bird is then coated with a protective layer of lacquer. Finally, the claws are inserted into a base which consists of an onyx platform glued to another rock, usually quartz, agate, or calcite.

The next stage in the life of our birds is one week at sea sailing from South America to America. 


Dimensions:Base to head: 10 in Weight: 4.5 lb

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