Hamsa Design Himalayan Salt Lamp and Oil Diffuser

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Featuring a mystical Hamsa symbol, this artisanal Himalayan salt lamp kindles a serene ambiance while cleansing your space of impurities. Safe and all-natural, Himalayan salt rocks release negative ions that improve overall air quality, reduce allergens, and boost your mood. With its exquisite detailing, this lamp doubles as an artistic oil diffuser: just add one or two drops of your favorite essential oil to the rocks, letting yourself soak in the lamp’s warm glow and healing aromas.

Himalayan salt lamp set
Includes: one handcrafted glass bowl, one 6 ft. dimmer cord with base, two 15W light bulbs, one 2.2 lb. bag of Himalayan salt rocks
Lamp measures approximately 4.8”W x 5.5”H
Essential oils not included