High Quality Champagne Citrine Spheres For Abundance

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Just one look and you will feel radiating energy  from these natural citrine spheres. Citrine spheres are rarer in formation,  due to the fact that it was carved of natural, untreated citrine of very good clarity. Many of the citrine spheres in stock are present with rainbows, all spheres range from a light champagne to a deep honey color. 

All of the citrine from Amethyst Goddess are 100% natural citrine, never treated or baked amethyst. 

To choose your citrine sphere just pick the variant you want from the dropdown menu, you will receive the exact piece correlated for your variant! 

Disclaimer: This is a natural, untreated product of the Earth. Any impurities, cracks, or imperfections (unless otherwise noted) are normal and part of the crystal formation process. All photos and videos are taken in natural and/or room lighting.