Large Elestial Citrine Generator For Guidance and Wisdom

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Elestial citrines are the grandmothers of the mineral kingdom. They are tough love, the ones that are wise with age and experience, that speak their mind, that love fiercely, deeply, and will push you along your path.

Elestial citrines forms when Quartz grows very quickly, creating these interesting ridges and holes. The way this stone forms is a direct reflection of it's energetic properties. This Citrine Elestial point will create many life-changing experiences for you in a short amount of time, pushing you further along your path or realigning you on your course. This doesn't necessarily mean that challenging experiences will come your way, but your perception and availability to your day-to-day experiences will shift. You will become more aware to the lessons available to you, however subtle or small. Every moment will allow for deeper shifts to occur within.

This is a very Rare piece In This Flawless Quality! The center of this piece has a glowing honey window in the center that really lights up no matter where is placed. This Citrine Cathedrals are Damage Free & Super Gemmy w/ Perfect Terminations. You will receive this exact piece

Size: 3.7 lbs
Length: 7 inches
Height: 4 inches
Width: 6 inches