Banded Matte Agate Bracelete with Pearl Hamsa Hand
Banded Matte Agate Bracelete with Pearl Hamsa Hand

Banded Matte Agate Bracelete with Pearl Hamsa Hand

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Banded Agate, also known as "Layered Agate" comes with a band like layers of microscopic Quartz crystals. It is formed from the deposition of layers of silica, in volcanic vesicles or other cavities. Layers and bands inside the stone are formed in stages and add to the beauty of this unique gemstone. 

Like the layers of silica, this stone is said to help you find order and organize every detail in your life. It’s not about becoming ultra coordinated or developing better scheduling habits. Banded Agate pushes you to prioritize the things that matter most.

Banded Agate aims to give you a brand-new perspective. You don’t have to push dark energy to the side and neglect it, but the meaning of this stone ensures that you’re focusing more on the light in your life.

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