What Makes Rocks So Special?

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Some of you may wonder why we place such an emphasis on crystals and stones. Why are there so many crystal lovers out there? What makes people so attracted to crystals?

Everyone and everything of a third-dimensional reality owe much of their life to the stone kingdom. All land masses on the earth are directly formed from and of stones. 

Some were formed a long time ago, some more recently. For example, Hawaii was formed less than one million years ago, from hot lava and volcanic rocks and is an example of igneous (volcanic-based) rock that contains a primary base chakra kundalini energy.

This kind of rock directly affects the energy of those living there and makes one feel super energized and much more attracted to spiritual matters. 

Other rocks have been around for billions and billions of years. Gros Marne National park in one of Canada's maritime provinces, for example, is a strange place of billion-year-old Earth mantel exposed on the surface of the ground. Nowhere else on earth is the mantle exposed above Ground like Gros Marn and nothing will grow in the area because the rocks are too mineral rich. This eerie area will soon become a common pilgrimage site for many new agers. 

Much of our land surface is made up of rocks that were extracted from the sea,. What does that mean/ Well, minerals dissolve in water and some of them end up in the sea? Animals like corals, clams, and bivalves, extract the minerals from the seawater and then die. The minerals ( mostly calcium) are left behind and form limestone. In other words, when you walk on the land in Everglades or in much of Ohio you are usually walking on the surface of the sea and these rocks contain the energy of the sea. 

Soil, the basis of most of our food chain, comes from pulverized rocks and supports plant life, which we eat. Within each one, you are living rocks, which you choose to call "bones". Rocks were here long before any form of biological life, are the true record-keepers of the planet's history. They see and record nearly everything that happens on the physical plane since they exist everywhere in one form or another. Even your computer is rock-based since it is an offshoot of silicon crystal technology and  contains minerals and metals that were born in the earth mother. 

The core of this planet at the heart of its physical and spiritual energy is a living crystal of iron and rotates at a different speed than the earth's crust. When you meditate, you affect the vibrational energy of the core, and hence every being on the planet. 

Every culture that I know of reveres some form of rock or another as a symbol of power and immortality. Some revere rock mountains like Mt. Kallas in Tibert. Some revere rock canyons like Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yet others receive single large rocks like Uluru Rock in Australia, Some revere structures made from rocks such as Stonehenge in England, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, or Machu Pichu in the Peruvian Andes. Finally some revere areas of great rock wisdom keepers such as the famous red rock buttes near Sedona, Arizona. The majority of our sacred sites owe their existence to the stone kingdom. 

Most cultures historically have utilized crystals in all sorts of meditation and healing practices. From aborigines of Australia( quartz) to the Cherokee( also quartz) to Muslimes (meteorite rock of Kabbah), to the Tibetan Buddhists( quartz) to Christians and Jews ( breastplate of Aaron in old testament) to African Shamans ( various stones) we see that virtually every culture that is in tune with the earth has worked without friends from the mineral/ crystal rock kingdom. 

The utilization of rocks gets people out of their mindsets about, what they consider to be alive. As soon as you can understand the vibrational of crystals and stones, you will begin to understand everything is energy! You will begin to see that the whole universe is a living entity, just moving at different rates of motion, So I hope by now you can begin to see why we love rocks so much! 

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